We are manufacturer of all types of material testing machines such as Universal Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Tensile Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine.

universal testing machine

Universal Testing Machine

SRI's Universal Testing Machine is a versatile and an effective medium for testing all kinds of materials on different parameters. It is used for testing tension, compression, bending, transverse, shear, hardness & torsion loads of an object. We are manufacturer and supplier of Universal Testing Machine in both Mechanical UTM as well as Electronic UTM mode giving choice to the clients to choose the best as per their requirements. These testing machines are highly appreciated for their accuracy and precision.
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brinell harndess tester

Hardness Testing Machine

Basic machine design and operation similar to B-3000(H). In addition, an 'Optical Device' with 14x magnification provided in front to project dia of ball impression on glass screen with a micrometer measuring system with 0.01 mm accuracy. The indentor swivels and projects dia of ball impression immediately after unloading operation which avoids additional time for measurement of ball impression. This gives real rockwell number on production testing. We are manufacturer and supplier of competitive range of Hardness Testing Machines like,
Rockwell Hardness Testing, Vickers Hardness Testing, Brinell Hardness Testing.
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tensile testing machine manufacturer

Tensile Testing Machine

SRI's Tensile Testing Machines are electro mechanical screw driven machines with precision screw and column construction and variable speed drive. Tow option are available mainly Acme threaded screw with DC Motor drive & ball lead screw with servo drive. The machines are suitable for studying mechanical behavior of various materials like metals, polymers, elastomers etc. These machines are easy to operate and they offer excellent performance and flexibility to meet the needs of modern testing requirements. The machines confirm to IS, BS & ASTM standards.
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impact testing machine

Impact Testing Machine

SRI is manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive range of impact testing machines. The Pendulum Impact Tester Model SE-IT30 is designed for conduction Izod & Charpy Test. The test methods confirm to BS:131:PART 4-1972 (Amended 15 Aug. 1993) & BSEN: 10045 - 2 : 1993. The Pendulum is mounted on antifriction bearings. It has two starting positions, the upper one for Charpy and the lower one for Izod testing. On release, the Pendulum swing down to break the specimen and the energy absorbed in doing so is measured as the difference between the height of drop before rupture & height of raise after repture of the test specimenn and is read from the maximum pointer on the dail scale.
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torsion testing machine

Torsion Testing Machine

Torsion Testing Machine is designed for conducting Torsion and Twist Tests on various metal wires, tubes and steel materials. Torque measurement is by Pendulum Dynamometer System. Torque ranges can be adjusted. Torque can be applied to specimen by geared motor through gear box. Autographic recorder can be provide to know the relation between torque and angle of twist on specific request. The accuracy of the torque indication + 1% of the true torque.
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compression testing machine

Compression Testing Machine

We are manufacturer and supplier of Compression Testing Machine in a variety of specifications that range from 10 tones to 200 tones in different models. Compression testing machines can also be used for bricks, hallow or solid concrete blocks using suitable capacity machine. Our Compression Testing Machine is designed in such as way that it efficiently meets the need to test concrete cube for its compressive strength. The equipment is the most simple, economical and reliable means of testing.
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fatigue testing machine

Fitigue Testing Machine

This machine is used to test the fatigue strength of materials and to draw S-N diagram by research institute, laboratories, material manufacturers and various industries. This is rotating beam type machine in which load is applied in reversed bending fashion. The standard 8 mm dia specimen is held in special holders at its ends and located such that it experiences a uniform bending moment. The specimen is rotated at 4200 rpm by a motor. A complete cycle of reversed stresses in all fibres of the specimen is produced during each revolution.
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